Survivor 27: Which Brother is Hotter, Vytas or Aras?

Survivor 27 Brothers Vytas and Aras
Survivor Season 27 brothers Vytas and Aras Baskauskas
I think it can be said that both Survivor Season 27: Blood vs. Water brothers Vytas and Aras are handsome men that possess a certain charm which makes them even more handsome.

Aras, Survivor's Exile Island winner, and his brother Vytas, a yoga instructor, are both likable castaways who I'd like to see go far in the game. I love their background story, and hopefully their time on Survivor will help heal old wounds of their past with this great bonding experience.

But let's be superficial for a moment, shall we? Which Survivor brother do you think is the hottest? Vytas or Aras? Aras might be the physically better looking of the two, but it's Vytas' inner calamity and spirituality that makes him attractive.

What do you think?

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