Twitter WAR! Russell Hantz Attacks Janelle Pierzina on Twitter

Russell Hantz Attacks Janelle Pierzina WTF
Russell stirs up trouble with Janelle on Twitter and the war begins.
Not sure where this came from, but a Big Brother fan alerted me to a crazy Twitter war between Survivor's Russell Hantz and Big Brother star Janelle Pierzina.

From what I can gather, Russell tweeted Janelle out of the blue with a random bash tweet, saying she's "fake" and ought to be "real."

Janelle Pierzina Attacked by Russell Hantz
Russell Hantz Twitter War with Janelle Pierzina

Russell deleted the tweet shortly after, but not before Janelle could respond. Russell then tweeted back, calling her the c-word.

Russell Hantz Twitter Attack Janelle Pierzina
Twitter War: Russell gets vicious with Janelle

Then another Hantz, Russell's nephew Brandon Hantz, also joined in with the personal attacks against Janelle.

Russell then retweeted a bunch of fan tweets supporting him, saying what an amazing player he is. He also tweeted that he changed the way the game of Survivor is played, then he deleted it.

What do you think of Russell Hantz's attack on Janelle Pierzina?

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