Reality TV On Mars? 'Mars One' is Happening in 2022.

Mars One Reality TV on Mars 2022
Want a one-way trip to Mars? 'Mars One' reality show coming in 2022.
Just when you thought Reality TV couldn't get anymore 'out of this world' there's THIS.

Ten years from now, Reality TV will be headed to Mars.

The world's most expensive, outrageous, and intriguing reality show, will be set on Mars in the year 2022, and four lucky applicants will be chosen to partake in the mission.

The £4bn project, founded in 2010 by engineer Bas Lansdorp, is set to recoup its costs by selling the broadcasting rights to the mission. 
"The biggest media event in the world," said Paul Römer, the co-creator of Big Brother and ambassador of the project, on the Mars One website. "Reality meets talent show with no ending and the whole world watching. Now there's a good pitch."

Their goal is to colonize Mars, bringing a new crew to the planet every 2-years. And a return home to planet earth is not guaranteed.

But a return to Earth to update CVs is far from guaranteed. Changes in bone density and circulation caused by Mars's gravity as well as the technical challenges involved in re-entering the Earth's atmosphere make a return seem unlikely. If there's a problem, a call for help could take up to 22 minutes to arrive at Earth, depending on the position of the two planets, and even then the fastest rocket would not arrive until six months later. [TheGuardian]

See some of the Mars One hopefuls, those willing to be cast on the show, here.

Read more at Mars One's official website.

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