Ragan Fox Tears Into Aaryn Gries For Not Being Racist AT ALL

Ragan Fox Aaryn Gries Fight
Aaryn Gries gets ripped into by Ragan Fox
Another Big Brother Twitter war is in progress between two BB alums, Ragan Fox & Aaryn Gries. It seems Ragan read an interview where Aaryn says she is "not at all" racist, and Ragan isn't buying it. He ranted on Twitter:
Sorry to beat a dead horse but...just read an inane interview where Aaryn Gries claimed she's not a racist or homophobe "in ANY way" (LOL). This young lady still doesn't get it. Racism isn't an identity. It's not a WHO YOU ARE. It's a WHAT YOU DO, or a set of actions. Put differently, racism is NOT an inherent, immutable trait or identity, like being gay, white, heterosexual, black, etc. People aren't born racist.Racism describes what a person DOES, how they speak, the way they view and treat other people. Each time she claims, "I'm not a racist in any way" (a direct quotation), she spits in the face of each community she denigrated in the house. 
...One day, she may comprehend the insult-to-injury suggestion that she's NOT AT ALL racist and homophobic. Signed, one of those "queers" America "always votes for." Ok, the horse is officially out of blood. Just had to get that out after I saw Braden retweet her calling her haters "hypocrites." 

You can read his entire open letter, here.

Aaryn responded:
Are you Team Ragan or Team Aaryn?

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