Nick Uhas Meets Betsey Johnson on His YKYT Tour

Nick Uhas YKYT Betsey Johnson
Betsey and Nick
Thanks to the many donations from his Big Brother 15 fans, Nick Uhas is traveling the country, making YouTube videos for his YKYT Tour. In Nick' latest video (Episode 2) he meets fashion designer Betsey Johnson who is going to help him dress for his date with GinaMarie.

Betsey describes Nick's current fashion as "tree-cutter, woodsman...lumberjack." A moment later she says that NIck really connected with... "what's her name? G-M like General Motors?"

The Johnson ladies have Nick try on some clothes. THIS is what he comes out in.

Nick Uhas Gay Or Not Gay?
Nick looking totally not gay.
Sure, B.J. stands for Betsey Johnson, but, uh, yeah. I'll bet David is laughing right now. So much for quashing those rumors, Nick. I think Nick is poking fun at the gay rumors about him, but I'm not entirely sure of it...

"That's a great way to meet girls. And guys!" says Betsey when Nick rolls out in his "Guys Love B.J." shirt.

After trying on a myriad of outfits, Betsey tells Nick that since GinaMarie is so crazy about him, he could show up with nothing on and it would be fine. "In fact, maybe that's the good way to go," she adds.


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