Nick Uhas Goes to Dan Gheesling's House: #YKYT Episode 4

#YKYT Tour: Nick Uhas and Dan Gheesling
Big Brother 15's Nick Uhas is still touring the country, thanks to your generous donations, and for episode 4 of his #YKYT Tour he visits Big Brother legend Dan Gheesling at his home in Michigan.

Dan has a beautiful home on the lake, and he and Nick sit down for a chat in Dan's living room where they talk about Dan's career as an author and public speaker. They also talk about Dan's love for gaming and Dan even challenges Nick to a game of Streetfighter 2 where the loser has to jump, fully clothed, into the lake.

LOL Moment: At 6:47 into the video, Nick comments that one of the video game characters looks like he's wearing an outfit from one of the POV competitions. Dan responds, "I don't even know what that means. I didn't watch your season. Worst season of all-time ... just joking."

Guess who loses the Streetfighter 2 competition? And yes, he jumps in the lake. Find out after the cut!


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