Love Dogs? You'll Love This New Show On CBS

Lucky Dog Brandon McMillan on CBS
Brandon McMillan hosts LUCKY DOG on CBS
Attention reality TV fans who also love dogs: CBS has a great show, Lucky Dog, that stars our adorable four-legged friends and a very hunky host.

Lucky Dog will air Saturday mornings in select areas. (To see a list of cites and times, go here.) In most places it airs pretty early, so you might want to set your DVR. Unless you're one of those overachievers who are up at 6AM to go for your morning 8-mile run.

The host of Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillan, is an animal trainer/behaviorist, and let's just say he is easy on the eyes. He also has a very interesting family history with animals:

From CBS:

Born into a family of animal entertainers, McMillan has been training animals since he was a baby. Thanks to his father and uncle who gave him the skills and techniques to train animals of every kind, McMillan developed an attachment to these animals at an early age. He jokes that he’s been “picking up animal poop” as far back as he can remember, but his early years around the animal performers certainly gave him valuable skills that he uses often in his current career as a Los Angeles -based animal trainer for film and television.
McMillan is frequently hired by Hollywood’s top A-list celebrities to transform their out of control pooches into well mannered dogs. Although McMillan has a diverse background with wild animals, his hidden passion lies with dogs. He is very well known for rescuing dogs on death row, then turning them into well trained pets, service animals and sometimes, even movie stars.. “Over 1.5 million dogs are euthanized every year in America because they can’t find homes. I’m just doing my part.” says McMillan.

You hardcore reality TV fans probably know one of the people who worked his ass off on this show ... my buddy, Elvis Strange.

Reality Star Elvis Strange
Elvis Strange needs no introduction
If Lucky Dog doesn't air in your neck of the woods and to catch on on previous episodes, head over to CBS' LUCKY DOG site. All episodes are archived here.

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