Big Brother 14's Kara Monaco Works For Her Amazing Body

Kara Monaco, beautiful on the inside & out
Kara Monaco of Big Brother 14 and Playboy's 2006 Playmate of the Year, is stunningly gorgeous, no question.

Long legs, the girl-next-door smile, but Kara Monaco is also an absolute DOLL on the inside. Probably the sweetest Big Brother houseguest I have ever met, Kara is also one of the classiest. But above all, why I really love Kara is that she has absolutely zero ego, and for a former Big Brother houseguest, that is rare. Oh, so rare.

Kara made the Winnipeg Sun earlier this month and I missed it. I wanted to share because Kara doesn't self promote all over social media, or post bikini pics and racy selfies on Instagram. Like I said, she's a class act. She could post bikini pics on Twitter all day long, but she doesn't.

Anyhow, Kara works hard to stay fit, and she has for years. She spoke with The Sun about her fitness regimen.

And while many may chalk up her aesthetic curves to favourable genetics, she insists that staying in shape doesn’t come easy for her. “I think people think, ‘Oh, she’s lucky, she probably doesn’t have to do anything,’” says Monaco. “But I actually work really, really hard at it.”
And it pays off!

Check out Kara's entire interview with The Winnepeg Sun HERE.

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