David Girton Says Nick Uhas is a "Douche, Hypocrite"

Big Brother David Girton Tweets Nick Uhas
BB15's David Girton tweets about Nick Uhas being a douche
We thought Big Brother 15's David Girton disappeared from Twitter, but as it turns out he was merely moving to Los Angeles where his new job with TMZ awaits him.

David returned to Twitter late last week and lashed out at fellow Big Brother houseguest Nick Uhas. It seems David and his hair aren't exactly fond of GinaMarie's coattail rider.

David tweeted a list of things he finds douchey about people, and he included Nick Uhas in his list:

He continued on, saying that Nick acts like he is too busy in life to ever return to Big Brother, but yet when the cameras are on him he says he would love to return:

And I'm not sure where David was going with the following tweet, but it's kinda funny...

Are you Team David or Team Nick?

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