Big Brother Tweets of the Day

It's always entertaining reading former Big Brother houseguests tweets, it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is. So here are today's best tweets for today, October 29, 2013 (after the cut!):

Big Brother Canada's AJ Burman cracks a joke at Nick's expense:

GinaMarie Zimmerman of Big Brother 15 shows off Halloween makeup from a photoshoot:
After many years of being ruined by slop, Big Brother 11's Ronnie Talbot is finally eating oatmeal again.
Big Brother 15's Amanda Zuckerman is saying goodbye to McCrae Olson, and his liver, tomorrow.
Big Brother 11's Natalie Martinez Majeran shares a sweet photo of her newborn baby.
Big Brother 13's Adam Poch is totally participating in Movember.

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