Big Brother 15's Helen Kim Very Upset With Andy's Racial Comments

Big Brother 15's Helen Kim Murtz Interview
Murtz and Helen talk about Andy
Amid all the Big Brother 15 controversy this year, Helen Kim left with her dignity and has remained a class act.

Recently Helen spoke with Murtz Jaffer about the racist comments heard on the Big Brother 15 live feeds this season. She says that Andy's comments were the ones that hurt her the most. The conversation between her and Murtz is great, so I wanted to share it.

Begin at 26:30

Murtz: "I wanna definitely talk with you about Andy. What are your impressions now that you've seen the show. In my opinion, I just feel like Andy is not getting the reaction that I thought he would. I thought that his comments were very damaging, I thought that his comments were very hateful, and what makes matters worse, Helen, is I feel like this false bravado that he's trying to display on Twitter is some inordinate way of trying to make people think he's this amazing super villain in an attempt to somehow come back in the house, because he knows, everybody knows, that he is garbage."

Helen: "I'm not here to slander my houseguests. They said these awful things and the last thing I am going to do is going to say awful things about them. What I can say is just my own experience with Andy.

"I'm very, very upset by his comments he made about me. He knows very well, my dad is a Korean war veteran. He served in the Korean War in 1950 - 1953. My dad lost his entire family in the war because of communism. My dad's originally from North Korea. He was able to escape to South Korea and serve in the South Korean army, ended up coming to United States and building a life for himself. But he lost his entire life. All his friends, all his family, everything."

"Calling me Kim Jong-il, is like calling a Jewish person Hitler, or calling a Muslim person Osama bin Laden. It's awful." - Helen Kim

"I mean, that hurt me a lot ... I'm shocked by Andy's comments because in the house Andy was so nice to my face. Obviously we all see he was fooling me the whole time, game-wise. And that's just a game, but what does calling me Kim Jong-il do for your game?"

Helen adds that things said about Elissa and Candice on the Big Brother 15 live feeds by other houseguests really shocked her. "I'm blown away."

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