Big Brother Get to Steppin': Who Owns It?

Big Brother Get To Steppin
Mike Boogie started it. (I bet that's never been said before, heh.) Over the past couple of Big Brother seasons, the "Get to Steppin'" phrase has become what I think is an overused term in the BB world.

It started during Big Brother 7, when Mike Boogie told evicted Howie to "Get to Steppin,'" in a heated eviction, during the All-Stars season.

The phrase was used again in Big Brother 14, when Ian Terry (who later went on to win the game), told Mike Boogie to "Get to Steppin', buddy," during Boogie's eviction.

And of course, this past season on Big Brother 15, there was GinaMarie Zimmerman, who told Amanda Zuckerman to 'Get to Steppin' during her reign as HOH.

So, Big Brother fans, who owns the phrase, Get to Steppin'? Is it Mike Boogie, who said it first? Is it BB14 winner Ian Terry who shocked Boogie using his own words/tricks against him? Or is it GinaMarie, whose biggest move in the game was considered getting Amanda out?

Take the poll and we'll see who owns it!

Who Owns "Get to Steppin'"?

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