GinaMarie Zimmerman, Nick Uhas Storm Out Of Interview?

Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman Nick Uhas Interview
Big Brother's GinaMarie & Nick storm out of interview with Chaunce Hayden?
I received an email tip about an interview gone wrong with Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman and her showmance partner, Nick Uhas.

Chaunce Hayden fired off an email to multiple media sources Wednesday night saying his interview with Big Brother's GinaMarie and Nick went awry after asking very pointed questions...about Nick's sexuality. And on top of that, GinaMarie apparently broke down, crying, saying that Nick doesn't like her.

Oh, the drama.

Chaunce claims he asked Nick if he was gay, or ever had a gay experience, and soon after Nick "stormed off the show."

He claims GinaMarie also left angrily, but then returned. He says GinaMarie "cried that she's madly in love with Nick," but that "he won't like her." He says both Big Brother stars "demanded the interview be destroyed."

Regardless, Chaunce Hayden's interview with GinaMarie & Nick is set to air next Wednesday, October 9, at 6pm EST here.

Here is the email from Chaunce to the media:

GinaMarie Nick Interview Gone Bad Chaunce

Was it wrong for Chaunce to ask about Nick's sexuality? Or do you think Nick and GinaMarie overreacted?

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