Big Brother 15: GinaMarie & Nick Interview With Chaunce Hayden

Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman and Nick Uhas
GinaMarie & Nick: Chaunce Hayden's controversial interview (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
I posted last week about Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman and Nick Uhas' alleged interview with Chaunce Hayden, where both storm out of the interview after Nick is asked about his sexuality.

I've had a lot of questions about the interview since, and everything I know is what I shared with you in last week's post:

Chaunce claims he asked Nick if he was gay, or ever had a gay experience, and soon after Nick "stormed off the show."
He claims GinaMarie also left angrily, but then returned. He says GinaMarie "cried that she's madly in love with Nick," but that "he won't like her." He says both Big Brother stars "demanded the interview be destroyed."
I have not heard Chaunce's interview. That being said, the controversial interview supposedly aired on Wednesday, but I wasn't here to catch it, and it hasn't been archived yet. I asked both Chaunce and the GFQ Podcast Network (where it aired) when it will be uploaded, and GFQ says either Friday or Saturday. As soon as it is available I will post a link to the interview here and then we can discuss.

I know this is a hot topic, so as soon as I hear more I'll update this post for you.

Big Brother GinaMarie Nick Chaunce Hayden
Chaunce Hayden's controversial interview with GinaMarie and Nick

UPDATE: The Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman and Nick Uhas interview with Chance Hayden is online. And you thought it was a sham, heh.

Sound off, Big Brother15 fans. I know this interview will piss some people off, and other people will love it. I was uncomfortable as hell watching it in my own living room, lol. You?

 Here's what Chaunce says happened after the interview...

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