Big Brother 15 Cast Tweets of The Day

Big Brother 15 Cast Tweets
BB15 Tweets...Incoming!
Big Brother 15 houseguests are busy as bees, tweeting like mad since leaving the show. At any given moment you can tune into Twitter and they are there, tweeting their every move to fans. It always makes for entertaining reading, so I think I am going to do a little Twitter recap on the reg. Here's today's.

GinaMarie bought herself a brand spanking new car with her prize money, a bright green Ford Mustang.

Jeremy is still wooing Kaitlin.

David is still tweeting about the wonders of the world.

Amanda gave us some hilarious info about her time in the jury house.

I'll add more as the day progresses.

She might not be a Big Brother 15 houseguest, but Jun Song definitely wins for LOL tweet of the day:

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