Candice Stewart Interview on WWLTV in New Orleans

Candice Stewart WWLTV TV Interview
Candice Stewart interview on New Orleans' WWLTV
Big Brother 15's Candice Stewart was on New Orleans' WWLTV where she talked about her time in the Big Brother 15 house, and all the crazy controversy.


WWLTV: It was an honor for you to be selected for the show, wasn't it?

Candice Stewart: "Yes, I think it's amazing. I wanna say - oh, I don't even know the number - but I wanna say something like 60,000 people try out each year to be on Big Brother."

WWLTV: So you went in with the idea, 'Hey, I can maybe take the whole thing and win this'?

Candice Stewart: "You know what, I went in with absolutely no expectations. I just knew that I was going to be myself, and I was gonna play a good game, and hopefully I was gonna come out with the $500,000."

WWLTV: But did you ever think it would get as snippy as it did as you went down the road?

Candice Stewart: "I never expected that. I didn't have any expectations, and I definitely didn't expect for the game to get really personal. I mean, it's a game, but unfortunately for me it did."

WWLTV: And because you were all sequestered, you're kept away from ... there's no web, there's no contact with family, friends, it's just the group in the house, that's it!

Candice Stewart: "Yep! That's all! There were 16 of us, one person leaves every week. And I mean, basically they're your family for 90-days. That's how long I was sequestered for, 90-days. Away from internet, phone, my family, good food..."

WWLTV: Your Big Brother family started to getting very, well, a lot of in-fighting, and especially among the women.

Candice Stewart: "Yeah, unfortunately it's common for women to beat each other down and I'm not that type of a person. I believe in women empowerment but inside the house when you're competing for money and there's women of all different age ranges and maturity, unfortunately that happened."

WWLTV: A lot of your personal life just got into this ... you were adopted by your parents, you lived in Metairie your whole life, your birth mom was white, your father, African-American, and all of a sudden that became a factor on the show.

Candice Stewart: "Yeah, that was even thrown out there, I mean the fact that I was given up at birth and you know, adopted, that was thrown out there..."

WWLTV: So other people were saying that behind your back, right?

Candice Stewart: "Well no, actually, it was said to my face. Yeah, it was said to my face, but you know, I know my story and I have two beautiful mothers and I have a great story. I know who I am so it didn't really bother me that much."

WWLTV: You also said there was some stereotyping too, that got kind of racial.

Candice Stewart: "Yes. This season was full of, you know, everyone wants to say people on the show were 'racist.' I believe more like you said, stereotypical comments that were thrown out, and unfortunately it's really sad that we still have that prevalent in our society today."

WWLTV: And the people who said the comments to you, what's happened to them since?

Candice Stewart: "Um, you know, most of them lost their jobs. I guess that's a testament to how serious of an issue it is. I mean if you offend humankind, then, you know, there's consequences. You're on a television show where you're filmed 24/7, and unfortunately you really have to watch what you say."

WWLTV: Are you glad you did it, or is there just too much publicity?

Candice Stewart: "I'm very happy that I did it. I feel as though it was a great lesson for me. I learned a lot about people, I learned a lot about myself. The game itself is fun. I love Big Brother. It's basically a psychological experiment."

WWLTV: Would you do it again?

Candice Stewart: "You know what, I would! If they invited me back for All-Stars, I would. I would have a totally different game plan and strategy, and hopefully I would be playing the game with mature people."

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