Big Brother 15: David Girton's Time at TMZ Was Short Lived

David Girton's no longer at TMZ, back to tasty waves, a cool buzz.
Big Brother 15 fans were shocked to see the goofy surfer dude, David Girton, on TMZ a couple weeks ago. It seemed that David had moved to Los Angeles and had scored a job with the online and television tabloid.

Go to 00:45, and see David Girton in action on TMZ, giving surfing fashion advice, no doubt:

David says the blue collar life just isn't for him.

"Looks like this surfer dude wasn't meant to be in a office working in a dark room behind a computer. I guess I need sun light. #epiphany"

Big Brother 15 fans have been tweeting David, asking about the status of his job at TMZ. It seems something "went down," but David says he can't really talk about it.

David also had to give up his "luxurious" apartment in Los Angeles, but he doesn't seem to mind. He's just happy to have gotten out of his lease.

"Praise the lord I got out of my 11 month lease never signing the deal with the devil again like Hercules did with Hades! ... What ev at least I can say I lived in a luxurious place. I guess now back to pool hoppin!"

All in all, David doesn't seem very tore up about TMZ, he's keeping a positive outlook on things. "Off to bigger and brighter things!" he said on Twitter.

Surf on, dude.

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