Amazing Race Season 23 Recap LOL/ OMG/ WTF, Episode 2

Amazing Race Season 23 Cast LOL
Amazing Race Season 23 Recap: Let's Play LOL OMG WTF Episode 2
This week's Amazing Race Season 23 begins in Iqueque, Chile, the city of "Eternal Sunshine." If you recall, last week Tim & Marie won the first leg of the race and scored the Express Pass.

I'm not going to recap episode 2 conventionally, I'm just going to break it down by it's crazy moments...

Ally & Ashley
LOL: Call themselves the "race wives" of Leo & Jamal. Because they have "more of a commitment than race girlfriends." 
OMG: Ashley's squealing after completing the shoeshine Roadblock.
WTF: Chose the 'Mining' over the much easier 'Brining' Detour.

Nicole & Travis:
LOL: Nicole thinking Marie would actually give her an Express Pass because it was her 40th birthday.
OMG: Nicole can't operate the gears of a bicycle.
WTF: Nicole can't even RIDE a bicycle.

Brandon & Adam:
LOL: Making their voices vibrate as they ride bikes on a bumpy Chilean rode.
OMG: They didn't get their beards caught in the spokes.
WTF: They got a little too excited about the $589 they received for this leg of the race.

Tim & Marie:
LOL: Tim agreeing with Rowan calling Marie the "devil"
OMG: Marie instructing everyone to "line up" in order as they all waited to continue to race.
WTF: Marie yelling at the young Chilean man as she shined his shoes, angry that she wasn't passing the task fast enough.

Leo & Jamal:
LOL: Nicknaming Marie & Tim, "Pinky and No-Brain"
OMG: Not settling their cab fare before finishing the leg of the race.
WTF: Their bitchfight at the end when Jamal called himself Leo's "enemy"

Chester & Ephraim:
LOL: Ephraim getting in Marie's face about lining up backpacks
OMG: The smashing of salt rocks like Hercules
WTF: They didn't complete the mining Detour sooner

Tim & Danny:
WTF:  Danny helping Marie after she bitched him out for helping Ashley at the shoeshine challenge.

Nicky & Kim: 
LOL: Thinking Marie & Tim would actually give them the Express Pass.
OMG:  Forgetting the rug on the shoeshine challenge.

Rowan & Shane: 
LOL: Rowan screaming at Shane to quit taking up his "air" while biking.
OMG: Rowan attaching himself to the wrong shoeshine guy, who was not a part of the race.
WTF: Rowan calling Marie the devil in Spanish while shamelessly begging the shoeshine guy for his gear.

Jason & Amy: 
OMG: If it wasn't for Amy in her bikini, I would have forgotten about this team.

The Amazing Race Season 23 Recap: Episode 2
Chester & Ephraim Finished 1st, winning a trip to Turks and Caicos.
Leo & Jamal Finished 2nd
Brandon & Adam Finished 3rd
Nicole & Travis Finished 4th
Jason & Amy Finished 5th
Tim & Danny Finished 6th
Ally & Ashley Finished 7th
Tim & Marie Finished 8th
Nicky & Kim Finished 9th
Rowan & Shane Finished last and are eliminated.

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