The Amazing Race Season 24 'All-Stars' Spoilers

As a fan of the show, I have to say I am actually excited to hear the spoilers that The Amazing Race Season 24 will be an All-Stars cast. I am especially thrilled with who they are bringing back!

@MissCleo_BB15 on Twitter has revealed some huge Amazing Race 24 spoilers. Season 24 will be an All-Stars cast, and we know who 10 of the 11 teams will be.

The rumored teams are:

Amazing Race 24 All Stars
Amazing Race 24 - All Stars Spoilers Leaked
Who would you be most excited to see return? 

I am THRILLED about my brown girls, the Twinnies! Love their determination and snarkiness. Also happy to see Brendon & Rachel of course, you just KNOW they will butt heads with Pinkie & No Brain. The Asian Sensations, the YouTubers, the snowboarders, Bopper & Mark, it's going to be a great season. I think the ratings will be outstanding. I almost wish they would have brought back that bitchy Vanessa & Ralph, just for the drama with her and Rachel.

Who else would you like to see return to The Amazing Race for an All-Stars season? One team has yet to be determined.

I'd like to see Amy Purdy, the athlete with a prosthetic leg. Remember her? Abby & Ryan screwed Amy & Daniel over on the 2nd(?) episode of Season 21.

Filming for Amazing Race Season 24 is set to begin next month.

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