Survivor's Richard Hatch May Have Fathered Hundreds Of Children

Survivor Richard Hatch Donated Sperm
Richard Hatch may have LOTS of biological children
In off-the-wall reality TV news, Survivor's Richard Hatch is said to have likely fathered dozens, if not hundreds, of children after donating sperm more than 200 times in the 1990s.

E! reports that Richard Hatch used to donate sperm multiple times a week at the Cryobank sperm bank in Fairfax, Va. He did this for two years. Each donation garnered him $30.

 "I did it for two years, about two or three times a week," Hatch told Inside Edition.

Hatch has met two of the biological children, a male and a female, both 24. Both children found him through the Donor Sibling Registry. Richard says he has no issues with meeting his biological offspring. "It's an exciting time. It's a great time," he said.

Hatch has a son who he adopted in 1998.

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