Survivor 27 Spoiler: Hayden Moss Makes Final 4

Survivor 27 Hayden Moss Final 4
Big Brother's Hayden Moss on Survivor: Spoiler! He Makes Final 4
Survivor Season 27 kicks off on CBS September 18, 2013, and if you are a Big Brother live feeder you probably heard the spoiler that Hayden Moss will make final four.

Elissa Slater let the spoiler loose on the live feeds, saying that on Survivor 27, Hayden Moss will be in the final four of this season's show.

Use the Big Brother live feeds flashback feature and go to AUGUST 27, 11:22AM, CAM 1 & 2 to hear Elissa spoil Survivor. Elissa also dishes that Kat is voted out early.

What do you think about the Survivor 27 Spoiler? Are you disappointed that Elissa let the cat out of the bag?

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