Survivor 27: Jeff Probst's Cast Assessment

Survivor 27 2013 Jeff Probst Cast Assessment
Probst talks Survivor 27 Cast 
With Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water premiering on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, it's time once again to watch the castaways duke it out for the title of Sole Survivor. That also means it's time for Jeff Probst's Survivor 27 Cast Assessment.

"One of the great things about Survivor is what's true on Day One is not necessarily true on Day Two." - Jeff Probst

Of Aras (winner of Survivor Panama) and Vytas, Probst says he thinks one of these brothers can win Survivor 27. Aras tells us that growing up, his friends didn't want to come over because they were afraid of his brother. He also says that Vytas was once a heroin addict. "Together, they're a threat," says Jeff.

Of Tina Wesson (Survivor Outback winner) and her daughter Katie, Jeff says that Tina may be in trouble this time around, as the oldest woman. (Let's be honest, they are always targeted early.) Jeff thinks Tina's biggest challenge will be the physical aspect of the game.

On Rupert (now a four-time Survivor castaway), Jeff says Rupert represents the fun side of the game. Jeff thinks that Rupert's wife Laura will be a liability. He says her social game cannot compare to Rupert's and that if "she comes in with any sense of entitlement, she's done."

Of Gervase Peterson (Survivor Borneo), Probst says his game is to lay low, but that he doesn't think he can win. "I don't think he'll try hard enough to actually win." Of Marissa Peterson, Gervase's niece, Jeff says her strongest point is that she separates herself from Gervase.

On Kat (Survivor One World) and Hayden Moss (Big Brother 12), Probst says he thinks Hayden could win. (We know the real outcome of Hayden's Survivor future thanks to Elissa on the Big Brother live feeds.) "Kat, on the other hand, is still a bag of nuttiness...Kat's not going to win, because she's too silly."

On Laura Morett (Survivor Samoa), Jeff thinks no one will remember who she is. Of her daughter Ciera Easton, Jeff says she is complelling. She was pregnant at 17, is an avid hunter and is against gay rights. I'm sure she and Colton will get along divinely.

Of Monica Culpepper (Survivor One World) and her husband Brad Culpepper, Jeff says they are fun to watch. He doesn't think Brad can win.

Of Candice Cody (Survivor Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains) and her husband John Cody. Jeff says they're beautiful and accomplished, Ken & Barbie. Jeff thinks John has a better shot than Candice. "He's one of my picks to win."

Of Colton (Survivor Redemption Island) and his boyfriend Calen Bankston, Jeff says he wants Calen to win. He also says that Colton has changed since his last Survivor appearance, and that he never thought he would invite Colton back, but he has grown and wants to be a better person.

On Tyson Apostle (Survivor: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains) and his girlfriend Rachel Foulger, Jeff basically says he thinks Tyson dated UP. Her looks, the way she carries herself... "I think, 'what's wrong with Rachel?'" Jeff does not think Tyson can win.

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