Survivor 27 Cast Twitter Accounts: 'Blood vs. Water'

Survivor 27 Cast Twitter Accounts
Give them a follow: Survivor 27 Cast Twitter Accounts List
Wondering where to follow your favorite Survivor 27 cast members on Twitter? Well look no further because I have compiled a list of them for your convenience.

This season it's Survivor: Blood vs. Water for season 27, where former castaways and their loved ones battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor.

It's always fun to read the live tweets as Survivor is airing, so make sure to follow this season's cast and get the inside scoop as you watch the episodes. (If you notice any errors comment below and I'll update the list.)

You can follow your favorites from the Survivor 27 cast on Twitter at:

Rupert Boneham: @RupertBoneham
Laura Boneham: No known Twitter

Monica Culpepper: @monicaculpepper
Brad Culpepper: No known Twitter

Aras Baskauskas: @OddUsMusicV
Vytas Baskauskas: @vytasyoga

Colton Cumbie: @ColtonCumbie
Caleb Bankston: @CalebOndus

Gervase Peterson: @SayGerv
Marissa Peterson: @mah_rissSoICY

Candice Cody: @CandiceCodyMD
John Cody: @JPCodyMD

Tyson Apostol: @TysonApostol
Rachel Foulger: @rachelfoulger

Laura Morett: @LauraMorett
Cierra Eastin: @cieraeastin

Hayden Moss: @Hayden_Moss
Kat Edorrson: @KatEdorsson

Tina Wesson: No known Twitter account
Katie Collins: @KatieCollinsSur

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