Big Brother: Spencer Clawson's Girlfriend Marilyn is Real

Spencer Clawson Girlfriend Marilyn
BB15's Spencer Clawson and girlfriend Marilyn
So, you probably know by now, Big Brother 15's Spencer Clawson's girlfriend Marilyn is the real deal.

I personally never doubted that Marilyn was real, but many Big Brother fans did, and I'm happy to say she does exist, she still loves Spencer, and yes, she is on Twitter.

You can find Spencer's girlfriend Marilyn on Twitter at @Marilyn_BB_fan.

She's got a great sense of humor too. A Big Brother fan tweeted to Marilyn, congratulating her on sticking it out with Spencer. She tweeted back:

Marilyn also tweeted that she tried to stay under the radar with all the controversy this season, but she did read the tweets about people wondering if she was "real".
And what about that trip to the Bahamas Spencer won on Big Brother? Will he and Marilyn be hitting the sandy beaches anytime soon?
Wowza, way to be cheap asses, CBS! But really, why am I not surprised? They freaked when I tried taking a place marker that said "SuperPass" after the Big Brother backyard interviews two years ago. (Last year I was successful nabbing it.)

 Welcome to Twitter, Marilyn, and please, BB fans, be nice to her, she's one patient, loving woman.

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