Spencer Clawson Comments: "Hope It Doesn't Haunt Me."

Spencer Clawson Comments
Big Brother 15's Spencer comments on his offensive remarks
Big Brother 15's Spencer Clawson has been under fire ever since he made a terrible joke about little children while using McCrae's microphone.

Now that Spencer is out of the Big Brother house, he's having to answer for that tasteless joke, and I'm sure it's not been an easy task. Spencer spoke with ETonline after the BB15 finale, and he's truly sorry for his actions/words, and he hopes to keep his job at Union Pacific Railroad. He also says he hopes his controversial Big Brother past does not follow him into his future.

ETonline: But you said a lot of controversial things as well, and as a result, your company released a statement distancing themselves from you. What's your reaction to that? 
Spencer: My union is involved with this, and I'm extremely apologetic for the things I said. I love my job and want to keep it. Sometimes you just make stupid jokes. It was almost like a fraternity house in there -- anything goes, and whether that's right or not, I made some bad judgment calls and I hope the company will take me back. I am a good employee.  
ETonline: Your local police also investigated you during the course of the show for really heinous things you said about child pornography. Care to clear that up? 
Spencer: I picked up [McCrae's] mic and was saying goofy things. I've heard what a big deal that was, and I do think that was blown out of proportion. And I'm even scared to say that because ... I'm actually really paranoid about that right now. It was a bad joke, I admit it, but I would like to say that I was not condoning any behavior or accusing McCrae of any behavior. That's not me. I know the police department in my hometown got involved, but I was just being stupid. Of all the things to follow you around, I hope that doesn't follow me about. Good god. Having the word "pedophile" attached to your name can be bad news, dude. I hope it doesn't haunt me.
"I hope it doesn't haunt me." - Spencer Clawson on his bad joke. 
 And no, Spencer has not been fired at this point. However, his employer did release a statement regarding his employment status.


  1. I wish the State of Arkansas would label this jackass appropriately ! He and the rest of the HG's should be held responsible for their behavior. They disgraced the USA on a Global Stage.

  2. This is Reality TV people....unfortunately BB#15 has brought to light how very REAL Racism is........you(public) can't handle that its more common than we would like to think

  3. This is Reality TV people....unfortunately BB#15 has brought to light how very REAL Racism is........you(public) can't handle that its more common than we would like to think

  4. It was stupid, but it was JUST a joke. The police said that it didn't reach the level of being prosecutable so it should just be let go. It was vile but was blown WAY out of proportion.

  5. He was cleared but still saying such things who even thinks those things. But where else his mouth went was disgusting he said some very disgusting things and was part of the gm rape elissa thing that is wrong on so many levels disrespecting woman on a day to day basis. I hope he sees it and learns from it. Do i want him to lose his job not sure. If he apologises to her face to face and truly means it. No i listened to him speak about his other statement and felt he waS truly sorry. Unlike andy or gm who to me are not sorry. They are to self loving people and think they are the best people around. Not.

  6. It may be a joke to some but to those who have been victims of pedophiles it's not funny. Certain topics are taboo and off-limits in the comic arena.

  7. He's not sorry about anything. He's like the thief that got caught, not sorry he was stealing, but damn sorry he's going to jail. Man up you jerk and own what you said and did.

  8. Incredible! And NOT in a good way. All I can say is I feel deeply, deeply sorry for Marilyn. I can't believe any woman would be ok with the crap that comes out of his mouth. A complete and total lack of respect. Just a disgusting "man". This is the type of man that is held up as an example of what NOT to grow into.

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