Kathy Griffin Rips Big Brother 15 on The Talk

Kathy Griffin Makes Fun of Racist Big Brother 15
Kathy Griffin talks about "racist" Big Brother 15 on The Talk
You gotta love Kathy Griffin. She pulls no punches and has no filter, great combination, especially when talking about Big Brother 15.

Kathy made an appearance on The Talk with Julie Chen and talked about the very controversial cast. Of course she ripped BB15 apart, it's just too easy this season.

"I love the super racist Big Brother." - Kathy Griffin on The Talk

Julie covers her face and laughs. The audience erupts.

"Put that super racism on the table...we've got Spencer making kiddie p*rn jokes, we've got GinaMarie saying, 'are you gonna get all black up in my face,' I don't even know who I'm NOT pulling for."

Julie chimes in, "So, you're going to watch tonight?"

"Of course I'm going to watch....is there any way....can you just bring Candice back from the jury house and let her win? I'm actually pulling more for someone in the jury house..."

Watch Kathy Griffin on The Talk, in case you missed it:

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