Julie Chen's Plastic Surgery: "Not a Denial of Heritage"

Julie Chen on Plastic Surgery
Chenbot on plastic surgery: I'm not trying to look less Asian!
Julie Chen recently revealed on The Talk that yes, she has had plastic surgery. There's been lots of speculation about Julie's possible plastic surgeries, but never before had she talked publicly about it.

Until last week.

Julie opened up about having plastic surgery and explained her reasons for having the procedures done. She explained that she was told she would never be a big time news anchor due to being Chinese. So she followed the advice of her agent and a producer and had an eye surgery done. She wanted her eyes to appear more alert, less "bored".

Since her plastic surgery admission, Julie Chen has received a bit of backlash from the Asian community. She explains:

"I wasn't surprised there would be haters, judging me for what I did, what was hurtful was that the hateful comments that I read...were people within my own community. It was like, 'Way to give in to the Western standards of beauty!'

'You're denying your heritage!'

'You're trying to look less Asian!'

"Guess what, I don't look less Chinese! I'm not fooling anybody here!

Watch the entire interview where Julie Chen discusses her choice to have plastic surgery on The Talk:


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