Big Brother: Jessie Kowalski Twitter Fight With JoJo Spatafora

Big Brother Jessie Kowalski Twitter Fight
Big Brother 14 & 15 Twitter War! JoJo vs. Jessie
After the Big Brother 15 season finale, the drama has overflowed to Twitter, where a few houseguests have been taking stabs at one another for this or that.

We saw Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton tweet about how BB15's Aaryn Gries was "unapologetic" earlier this week, and now we have another catfight happening. This time between Big Brother 14 houseguest JoJo Spatafora and BB15's Jessie Kowalski.

After the Big Brother 15 wrap party in Las Vegas, BB alums have been talking about who slept with who, and apparently from what JoJo has tweeted, Jessie and Alec from Big Brother Canada hooked up on the night of the party.

JoJo REALLY doesn't like Jessie, possibly even more than Liza hates Aaryn, and she's pulled no punches when talking about Jessie and what allegedly went down that night.

She continued:
I know what I want & just wasn't feelin it after 1 kiss cuz he was a hornball & I don't roll like that 4 any1 who wants 2 kno it only took..

Jessie #bb15 about 20 mins?? I think to drop her panties n let Alec get off his horny train #truestory #ionlyspeaktruth

So yea to answer all ur questions that's the real deal,Alec tried but I said no I don't get down the first night so told him to do him....

And luckily for Alec! Jessie #bb15 was right there to fill that void Alec was missin awww thanks @JessieClaire88 hope u guys were safe 
As much as fans want to think id be the one to move fast nope! I actually have class unlike some women or should I say girls

Sorry but I keep it real &@JessieClaire88 is just another danielle #bb14 it's pathetic n I don't like girls like them that is all folks!

JoJo added that she "called Jessie out in person," as well.

Jessie hasn't said much in response to JoJo, but she did tweet:

And Jessie's been retweeting fan support as well. Big Brother Canada's Alec responded to JoJo's tweets without addressing her specifically:

Are you Team JoJo or Team Jessie?

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