Big Brother's GinaMarie and Amanda: Jello Fight?

Big Brother GinaMarie and Amanda Fight
Bring on the jello fight, bitches!
What would you say about a Jello fight between Big Brother's GinaMarie Zimmerman and Amanda Zuckerman?

GinaMarie is all about it.

During a recent interview about her time in the Big Brother house, radio station 91.7FM 'The Bounce' asked GinaMarie is she would ever do Jello wrestling with her fellow houseguest, Amanda Zuckerman.

GM seemed pretty excited about the whole thing and thought it could be done for a good cause. 

THE BOUNCE: "GinaMarie, Amanda, celebrity reality jello wrestling. Are you down?"

GINAMARIE: "I'm totally down. You know Amanda probably got a little bigger boobs than me, she got a little bigger weapons, but you know what? I don't mind wrestling, I think we're actually gonna have a good time if we can get some community involved, a good fundraiser, man."

She continued:
"I am so down, I think Amanda would be down, too. But you know what? I'm probably gonna have to eat the Jello afterwards because you know, there's always room for Jello." - GinaMarie Zimmerman

Someone make this trainwreck happen!

Listen to GinaMarie's entire interview with 91.7FM The Bounce here.

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