Big Brother's David Girton: Riding Waves, Growing Hair

David Girton Big Brother 15
Big Brother's David Girton is so over Twitter, and Big Brother
All he needs are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and he's fine.

Big Brother 15's resident Spicoli, David Girton, was a Twitter tornado after being first evicted from the show back in July. David tweeted about Big Brother, music, and oftentimes he capped on his fellow houseguests.

David seemed to go with the flow, and with whatever opinions were popular at the time. He joined fans in calling Andy a rat, Spencer a perv, Amanda a bully, etc. but I don't think he formed those opinions on his own. He just wanted to make the fans happy. 

But were the fans too much for him? 

It seems David has disappeared from Twitter. He hasn't tweeted since September 9th, and that's like an eternity compared to most Big Brother 15 houseguests, who've been tweeting non-stop since the game has ended.

David is probably burnt out, the past few months have definitely been crazy for him, but he might also be bitter that he didn't get to say one word during the Big Brother 15 finale. Or it could be that he doesn't want to own up to things he said about his fellow houseguests on Twitter. And of course it's entirely possible that he simply lost his password and doesn't know how to reset it. 

But most likely it's that he wants to focus his energies on more important things. Things like waves, babes, and his fascinating hair, which he says he is going to grow to his waist.

"This is fricking lame." - David Girton

Why do you think David left Twitter? 

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