Is Big Brother's Nick Uhas Using GinaMarie For Publicity?

Nick Uhas Using GinaMarie
Is Nick just using GinaMarie?
Thanks to GinaMarie Zimmerman, Big Brother 15's Nick Uhas was talked about all season long despite being the second person evicted from the Big Brother house.

But were Nick's feelings ever mutual? He hinted in a recent interview that he and GinaMarie had a special bond in the house, and that he cried as she consoled him on a couple of occasions. Live feeders never saw this though, and many doubt it ever happened. Nick added that he was excited to take GinaMarie on a "date" to a Monster Truck show in October.

During the Big Brother 15 finale, and afterwards, Nick and GinaMarie hugged, posted pics on Instagram and Twitter. It seemed possible that Nick was only using GinaMarie for the publicity, for a couple of reasons:

I have heard some fans say that Nick is simply using GinaMarie for his Kickstarter project, and if so, it's worked. Nick has raised more than $15,000 from fans to travel the country making videos with YouTube stars. His goal is $17,000. Sounds like a nice vacation.

But then there is this pesky rumor about Nick Uhas hooking up with Liza of Big Brother Canada before GinaMarie was even out of the house....

...and I hear it's true. (From a very good source, or I wouldn't say it.)

So, is Nick Uhas in it for the publicity? Most likely. Will GinaMarie's heart be broken? Undoubtedly, at some point. She'll probably never believe Nick and Liza hooked up, and she'll hold on to the hope of their showmance fauxmance blossoming at the Monster Truck show.

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