Big Brother: McCrae And Amanda Hookup in Minnesota

Big Brother McCrae Amanda Hookup
McCranda keeps their love alive outside of the Big Brother house
If you thought Big Brother's McCrae and Amanda wouldn't last outside of the Big Brother 15 house, you were wrong. The "McCranda" couple seem to be off to a strong start together, only one week after the show's finale episode the couple have reunited in McCrae's neck of the woods - Minnesota.

There is a certain blog out there that keeps posting lies about houseguests, and one the lies was that McCrae's parents hate Amanda. Total lie. In fact, McCrae and Amanda went out to dinner with McCrae's parents on Amanda's first night in Minnesota. Amanda posted the following photo on Twitter:
So yeah, I'm pretty sure McCrae's parents don't hate Amanda. And as for McCrae and Amanda's relationship? So far it's going strong.

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