Big Brother Jury House: Bitter Jury?

Big Brother Jury House Interviews
Helen is centering her chi
FINALLY we got some Big Brother jury house footage on Thursday night's eviction episode. If only we had live feeds in the jury house, right? It looks like they would be pretty interesting considering this jury is still very bitter.

Helen says she came into the jury house very angry but she's taken the time to paint and exercise and get back to her normal self.

Big Brother Jury House
Yes, Candice still hates Aaryn
Candice, Helen and Jessie are the first three in the jury house and when Aaryn shows up as the 4th juror Candice is elated. "Having Aaryn in the jury house is like a dream come true," she said. "That means she can't be the winner." Then she mentions Aaryn flipping her mattress, and that she's glad Aaryn "flipped her way into the jury house."

Aaryn apologized for "ignorant" remarks
Aaryn came into the Big Brother jury house humbled. Most likely due to her exit interview with Julie Chen. She apologized for her "insensitive" and "ignorant" remarks. She says it was "inexcusable" and "not who I am at all." She told the ladies that "the game gets really stressful, and I feel really bad about some things that I've said and done."

And yeah, Aaryn's eyebrows are still whack.

While Aaryn has Helen and Jessie's full attention Candice doesn't look up from her painting.

Big Brother Jury House Footage
Jessie is happy to see McCranda split up
Amanda is next to show up, much to Jessie's delight.

Big Brother Jury House 2013
Amanda schemes for McCrae
Amanda says she feels like the other girls are happy to see her because they didn't want her to win. She tells everyone how GinaMarie won HOH and got her evicted. Everyone agrees, it was a huge move. Amanda says America hates her and Aaryn adds, "Me too." Amanda tells them of how she was booed by the Big Brother live audience.

 Then she tells them about The Exterminators. Their reactions:

Big Brother jury members shocked to hear of the Exterminators
Aaryn is all, "I told you so," to Amanda, saying Amanda should have kept her over Andy.

Elissa shows up next, after the double eviction. Candice is most sad to see her, she wanted Elissa to win it all.

Amanda calls McCrae "so stupid," for putting up Elissa and GinaMarie.

CBS Big Brother Jury House
Elissa says being blindsided was difficult
The conversation turns to Andy, and how he is playing a good game. Helen says she "respects" his sly game play. (Does that mean a vote for Andy if he makes final 2?)

Big Brother 15 Jury House
J-U-Double D is the only guy in the jury house
Judd enters the Big Brother jury house and shocks everyone. He tells them that McCrae is stuck with 3 Exterminators who will be gunning for him. Judd pulls out the video footage for the others to watch his eviction. He tells them GinaMarie is the smartest one of the remaining Exterminators. Elissa says, "Well, I think GinaMarie knows she has the support of the jury."

Amanda and Candice disagree. Amanda tells everyone GM was a floater and a "flip-flopper."

"I thought Amanda would be different outside of the Big Brother house, but she's actually WORSE." - Aaryn

Aaryn adds that Amanda is trying to make everyone else look bad so McCrae can win. (This is before Thursday night's eviction obviously.)

Candice then targets Amanda, saying it was McCrae who was the biggest floater of the season. He rode Amanda's coattails and refused to socialize with the other houseguests.

Big Brother 15 Jury House Los Angeles
The Big Brother 15 Jury House
What did you think of the jury footage - and who do you think is going to win Big Brother 15?

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