Big Brother: Jessie Kowalski Interview With KFDM 6

Big Brother 15 Jessie Kowalski Interview 2013
BB15's Jessie interviewed on KFDM 6
Big Brother 15's Jessie Kowalski was interviewed by CBS affiliate KFDM 6 in Beaumont, Texas this morning and in case you missed it, here ya go.

Jessie talks about Big Brother and how it is "one of the most real reality shows out there," what she has planned for the future, and what it's like watching herself on the show now that she's home.

Interviewer: "Did you say, 'If I win this, I will be able to do something else with this, 15-seconds, minutes, of fame,  whatever it happens to be..?"

Jessie laughs (and I did too).

"Yes, definitely. The money would have been amazing to win, I would have loved to have been able to help my family in different ways, and just, you know, be a little bit more comfortable in life, but really, the experience is gift enough to me. It was such a really unique experience, and honestly a dream come true." 
Interviewer: "So, what would you like to have come out of this?" 
Jessie Kowalski: "Honestly, I would just like to be able to pursue my dreams in the entertainment industry. Whether that be hosting, or doing something like you're doing, or you know, moving out to L.A...." 
Interviewer: "Would you do it again?"

"Totally. I would love to go back for an All-Stars season, or something like that. You know, now I have one season under my belt. So I think, you know, I can pretty much do anything. If you can do Big Brother, you can do anything." - Jessie Kowalski

Jessie also mentions a Meet n' Greet happening at 7pm tonight, September 26th, at Madison's on Dowlen in Beaumont, Texas.

Watch the entire interview with Big Brother's Jessie Kowalski, thanks to KFDM 6:

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