Big Brother 15: Elissa Slater Evicted, Exit Interview Video

Big Brother 15 Elissa Evicted
BB15's Elissa, Evicted by McCrae
Thursday night's double eviction was bittersweet for many Big Brother fans.

Amanda Zuckerman, the controlling "Demanda," was evicted from the Big Brother 15 house after GinaMarie sealed her fate by breaking the tie-vote. But as they say, every yin has a yang, and Elissa was also evicted after McCrae became the new HOH.

I have heard from tons of fans who were rooting for Elissa to win, and needless to say they are NOT happy with her eviction. Some called the double eviction episode the "finale" since Elissa's eviction pretty much ends the season for them.

It's hard to love this year's final 5...

Elissa Slater was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 3-0. Here is her exit interview with Julie Chen.

Julie: "You knew once Amanda was gone that you would become the target. Is there anything you could've done differently to save yourself?"

Elissa: "I honestly thought McCrae was going to vote to keep Amanda and I think that he changed his mind."

Julie: "You're saying you think McCrae stabbed his woman in the back?"

Elissa: "Yes."

Julie: "Why do you think that?"

Elissa: "Because Any looked so shocked......I don't know."

Julie: "Is this all so confusing to you right now?"

Elissa: "Yeah, it's so crazy."

Julie: "Let's talk about Amanda for a minute, because we all watched her taunt you horribly last week, and then at the 11th hour you decided you're going to vote for her to stay. How hard for you is it to put all that garbage aside?"

Elissa: "When I came into this game I wanted to play Big Brother and I was so excited to have this opportunity and I just didn't want to think with my emotions ever, I just wanted to use my head, and I knew her and McCrae, being a showmance, was a bigger target than I am, so I just figured if I kept her in the house that they would be going up and that would just buy me another week. It just stinks, I should have won HOH."

Julie: "You should feel proud of how you did because when your sister Rachel played it for the first time she got evicted week 5. You made it to week 10. Did she give you any helpful advice to get you this far in the game?"

Elissa: "She told me to play with my heart, and not get my emotions involved and stay emotionless, and just try and make as deep of connections as I could with the houseguests and form alliances. She told me to make 2-week deals, not entire game deals. It was crazy.."


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