Big Brother: Amazing Race Couples, Who Do You Want to See?

Big Brother The Amazing Race
Which BB15 housguests would you like to see on Amazing Race?
Now that Big Brother 15 is over the houseguests might have other opportunities coming their way, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of them could be cast for Amazing Race in the future.

If so, which Big Brother 15 houseguests would you like to see on Amazing Race? Let's pair them up and vote on who you think would rock it.

1. Amanda and McCrae - The pizza boy and buxom real estate agent would be a good team because they're total opposites, they have an interesting chemistry, and we we would probably see a more vulnerable side of Amanda.

2. Nick and GinaMarie - Fauxmance or showmance, these two would be hilarious simply because GinaMarie is reality TV gold. She's a little goofy, she's energetic and she just has a way with words. #GinaMarieisms

3. Helen and Elissa - Now, I know the Brenchel Army would love to see Elissa and her sister, and I agree, they would make a great team, but I'm sticking with Big Brother 15 houseguests, so it's Helen and Elissa. I think Helen and Elissa would make a great team. Elissa's physical abilities combined with Helen's smarts, they could go far, no question.

4. Judd and Jessie - I still wonder if these two hooked up, or will hook up post finale. I think they would make a great couple, and I think J-U-DD could bring the comedy to the show. I don't think they would get far, but entertaining they would be.

5. Spencer and Andy - I don't see this one happening, but let's give the guys a fair shot. If they did make it, they better hope there are no rollerskating challenges.

6. Howard and Candice - There are definitely sparks between these two, and I think it would be fun to watch them compete on a completely different playing field.

6. Kaitlyn and Jeremy - These two would probably do well on Amazing Race. But we'd have to hear about Jeremy being a warrior the entire time.

7. David and Aaryn - This would be a funny pairing being as I don't think they are really into each other anymore, but I would totally watch. Even if only for David's hair.

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