Amanda and McCrae - Snowing in Minnesota?

Big Brother Amanda McCrae Cocaine Scandal
It's snowing in Minnesota!
Yes, Big Brother 15's Amanda and McCrae are reunited, hanging out in Minnesota together, and are in love.

So, what is there to do in Minnesota? Well, the couple went out to dinner with McCrae's parents last night, then they hung out with some of McCrae's friends...and it appears there may have been some party favors in the room. I don't know for sure, could be like President Clinton and they didn't inhale it, what do I know, I wasn't there.

However, Amanda posted an Instagram video of her and McCrae with a roomful of people, drinking and playing video games, and there just happens to be some chick, who looks like she's chopping rails of cocaine (or Pixie Stix, Comet? Baking Soda?) in the middle of it. Or so it appears.

Hey, I just report this stuff, I don't make it up.

The video, titled, "This is what you do in Minnesota," shows Amanda's camera scanning the room of people, bottles and a suspicious white substance. When the camera goes over to McCrae, he waves, opens his mouth then utters nothing. Amanda sticks her tongue out and the short video clip is over. But however short it may be, Big Brother fans were quick to spot the cocaine (?) being chopped up on the table.


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