Big Brother's Amanda Evicted on Double Eviction Episode

Big Brother Amanda Evicted
BB15's Amanda Evicted After GinaMarie Breaks Tie
Big Brother 15's Amanda Zuckerman was sent to the jury house this week during the season's second double eviction episode.

HOH GinaMarie broke the tie, choosing Amanda over Spencer, thus breaking up the showmance between Amanda and McCrae. The Big Brother 15 live studio audience gasped when Elissa voted to evict Spencer over Amanda. Elissa said she chose to keep Amanda because Amanda was a huge target who would "buy her another week" in the house. Now, I like Elissa, but this late in the game that just makes no sense. It still bit Elissa in the ass because McCrae was the next HOH and he put Elissa and GinaMarie on the block, resulting in Elissa's eviction.

I guess Amanda's plan of telling Julie Chen to "go f**k herself" fell through. Her eviction must have been a little distracting. Heh. I'm sure Julie heard about it on Twitter though. Julie could have treated Amanda's eviction interview as she did Aaryn's, but for some reason CBS wants Aaryn to be the only one to bear that cross.

The Big Brother 15 Final Five Are (in no particular order):


It's too bad the BB15 live feeds don't stream from the jury house as well. I think it'll be more exciting there than it will be in the house....

What did you think about Amanda's eviction, and what do you think about the Final 5?

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