Big Brother: Aaryn Gries' Prom Pics/ Photos

Big Brother Aaryn Gries Prom Pics
BB15's Aaryn with prom date, Mike
Big Brother's Aaryn Gries swears she is not a racist despite making multiple derogatory comments about her other housemates in the BB15 house, and there is one person who has her back - her high school prom date.

A good-looking guy named Mike Miller, who happens to be black, escorted Aaryn Gries to prom a few years back and he says Aaryn is no racist. Mike spoke with TMZ (we'll talk about them in a minute) and told them that Aaryn may have a "smart ass" sense of humor but in no way is she a ranting racist. An idiot maybe, but not a racist. He says her judgement may have been lacking, but that she is not "prejudice" or "hateful" in real life. 

This is good news, because I would never wish racism on anyone, and even though I think Aaryn was a jackass moron for saying what she did, I don't like to peg her as a "racist".

Okay, now back to TMZ...

What the hell is up with their article? I would be offended if I was Mike, and I don't get offended easily. Here's what I think is weird:

TMZ's article about Aaryn and Mike going to prom together begins like this...
"Big Brother" contestant Aaryn Gries has taken lots of heat for her racist comments on the show ... but we have color photos showing a more tolerant side.

Color photos? Really? Poor choice of words. Like TMZ's audience is so dumb that we wouldn't possibly be able to tell his race if the photos weren't "colored". 

The URL of the article is this:

Yeah, Mike is a "black guy" but omg TMZ, really? Keeping it classy, as usual.

Big Brother Aaryn Prom Pics

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