Big Brother 16 All-Stars? Here's My Dream Team.

Big Brother 16 All-Stars
My Big Brother All-Stars line-up

Who knows if Big Brother 16 will actually be an All-Stars season or not, but if it were, who would you like to see back in the Big Brother house?

My "Dream Team" may not be what yours is, in fact I know hardly anyone will agree 100% with me, but these are the houseguests I'd love to see return for an All-Stars season....whenever that may be.

Now, there's a lot of Big Brother seasons to chose from, but I am going to select two All-Stars from the past 7 seasons.

Big Brother 15

Amanda Zuckerman - Don't hate me for this one, but Amanda played the game, and she played hard. Was she (more than) a handful? Yes, but she definitely has what it takes to be an All-Star. Determination, back stabbing, intimidation, she was a tornado in the house.
Bonus: She brings drama.

Jessie Kowalski - I wish we could have seen a little more from Jessie. She spoke her mind and held her stance on things. From the beginning she was an outcast among the women of the BB15 house, I'd like to see her play with a different cast.
Bonus: She's a good crier.

Big Brother 14

Frank Eudy - Haters, shut it. I love me some Frank and I think he played with everything he had. Love him or hate him, he was a big personality on Big Brother 14.
Bonus: He has great shirts.

Jodi Rollins - I don't need to explain this one. The next Big Brother All Stars had BETTER have Jodi on it!
Bonus: She loves live feeders.

Big Brother 13

Dominic Briones - He's charismatic, good looking and he left the Big Brother house far too early in my opinion. I'd love to see Dom back in the house, I think he would own it.

Cassi Colvin - She was feisty, yet loyal, and she was not afraid of a fight. If we saw Cassi on an All Stars season I think she could go far.

Big Brother 12

Matt Hoffman - Please Lord, bring the Hoff back to Big Brother. His smart ass sense of humor is simply the best.
Bonus: Rockin' pajamas.

Andrew Gordon - I just like Andrew and would love to see him back.

Big Brother 11

Kevin Campbell - Who didn't love Kevin? The Off-Beat clique frontrunner was the first gay male to make final 3.

Ronnie Talbott - He was the self proclaimed Big Brother Super Fan who we thought would go further than he actually did. I'd like to see him come back a second time and try again.
Bonus: Drama Queen. (Love ya, Ronnie!) 

Big Brother 10

Renny Martyn - She is quirky, off-the-wall and a total attention whore. Bring it!
Bonus: "Flair."

Keesha Smith - I liked her and she made it pretty far on her season. I think she's got the skills to do well on an All-Stars season.

Big Brother 9

Chelsia Hart - She's a friend of mine now and I can tell you, she is not who she was on the show. She's matured a lot, and is very driven, competitive and is an amazing problem solver.

Parker Delon - Didn't get to see enough of him the first time around, but his tweets suggest he'd be extremely outspoken and a little untamed.
Alright, Big Brother fans, who would be on your Big Brother All-Stars Dream team? Let's hear it!

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