Big Brother 15: Worst Season Ever?

Big Brother 15 Worst Season Ever
BB15 Worst Season Ever?
Numerous Big Brother 15 fans have said it, "This is the worst season, EVER," and I would have to agree. This was the first season in many years that I couldn't bear to watch the live feeds constantly, as I had in seasons past.

But what made the Big Brother 15 so terribly bad? Let me count the ways...

The Casting: I knew it from the second I saw a photo of the Season 15 cast. A very young cast. It was no surprise that there were lots of hookups, immaturity, foul language, high school bullying, and nakedness. I just described Amanda to a T, didn't I?

I hope for Big Brother 16 that there is a more diverse age group, even if it is an All-Stars. Having people of all different ages and backgrounds adds a better dynamic to the house. I'd like to see more eccentric personalities as well.

"What the House Wants": Have we ever seen a Big Brother season where everyone was fearful of voting against the house? Let's hope next season's housemates actually have some balls, and minds of their own. Big Brother is a game, PLAY it!

MVP: Elissa fan or not, you gotta admit, the MVP twist was a bust. It was given to Elissa every week because she obviously has tons of fans thanks to her sister being on two previous seasons. It was not only unfair to the other houseguests, it simply skewed the whole game.

McCranda: The non-stop Demanda sex, and Amanda's control over McCrae made me feel like he was a fly trapped in a spider's web. Fans wanted to love McCrae, but he chose a nice rack and a loud mouth over a million dollars.

Long Ass Season: 100 days of Big Brother 15 proved to be far too many. The past couple of weeks have dragged on and on.. This will hopefully be the only season where I am complaining about it being too long.

Big Brother After Dark on TVGN: Highly censored, filtered, and after one episode I quit DVRing it.

GinaMarie's Obsession With Nick: GinaMarie cried, threw tantrums, kept Nick's things, slept in his bed, kept a shrine, and production loved it. However, it was awkward and uncomfortable for fans to watch.

The Ignorant Remarks: This one is the biggest reasons Big Brother 15 sucked. Not only because stupid, ignorant things were said, but because no one in the house stood up and said, "Hey bastards, that's unacceptable talk!" Again, it goes back to the casting, and to the sheep mentality in the house.

Also, fans have a point when they wonder why Aaryn was the only one who was called out for her remarks when so many others said similar things. This is one of the many reasons why I love BBUK. If anything could be considered to be offensive to the viewing public (homophobic remarks, racism, jokes in extremely poor taste, talk of violence) the housemates are warned, and then removed from the house. It just seemed unfair that CBS singled out Aaryn.

Big Brother USA should take note and implement new rules. Not to say that I would like to see the houseguests be censored, but there needs to be some sort of code of conduct in place.

Disclaimers: Big Brother chose the easy route when it came to dealing with the derogatory remarks in the house. They threw up a simple disclaimer every time you logged into the live feeds, and before every single show on CBS. I think it made them feel better, but it was just annoying to the rest of us. They wanted to cover their tush, but they took no responsibility for what was happening on their show.

Big Brother Canada star AJ Burman's take?
I loved the following tweet as well. So true! What was up with the shoutouts during the eviction speeches? I thought there was to be no contact with the outside world, yet the HGs wasted their time saying hello to people rather than campaigning for themselves. Axe the shoutouts on eviction night, please.

I know some of you will disagree with certain points I've made, and if you do, let me know why, or if you have anything to add. Also, do you think Big Brother 15 was the worst season ever? If not, what season was?

Is Big Brother 15 the worst season ever?

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