'Big Brother 15: The Saga' Wil Heuser Saved The Best For Last

 Wil Heuser is the single best thing to happen to Big Brother 15. I looked forward to his "Big Brother 15: The Saga" videos every week and it seemed like they just got better and better throughout the season. This atrocious season will end on a hilarious note thanks to Wil's final video which is a homage to Big Brother 15.

Spencer's eating, Andy's pants are on fire, GinaMarie is more than a whore, Amanda's boobs are bouncing, it's gold. Pure gold.

Thank you Wil for creating all the amazing videos this season, you helped make it more bearable.

Make sure to visit Wil over at TheWilShow.com and follow him on Twitter @WilHeuser!

Big Brother 15 The Saga Wil Heuser

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