Big Brother 15 Houseguests Fired: McCrae Comments

Big Brother 15 Houseguests Fired From Jobs
McCrae learns BB15 houseguests were fired
During a post Big Brother 15 finale interview, McCrae Olsen learns that his fellow houseguests have been fired from their jobs. He is shocked, and he thinks they should own up to their actions and words.

ET: Well, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer have been fired from their jobs for what they said in the house. 
McCrae: What? Are you sh*tting me? [laughs] Oh wow. Oh wow. I don't want to call any of them out, but I think Aaryn says the worst stuff. Oh man, they're all pretty bad though. It's ignorance across the board. You can't let ignorant people have a free pass because they're ignorant, but we were scrutinized 24/7. Sometimes you have to give people a free pass because I don't think most of it came from a place of hate, just a place of ignorance. [ETOnline]

Was Spencer actually fired? I think people have taken that and ran with it, but he's not been fired from what I have seen. He's in a union, I still don't think he'll be fired. Oh, you pesky internet rumors.

I love how McCrae says, "I don't want to call anyone out, BUT....AARYN!"

Do you agree with McCrae, ignorance, not hatred?

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