Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman Apologizes on YouTube

Big Brother GinaMarie Zimmerman Apologizes
BB15's GinaMarie apologizes in a home made video
Big Brother's GinaMarie Zimmerman has apologized numerous times since leaving the BB15 house, and now that she's back home she's taken to YouTube to issue another apology.

The apology video was posted to her YouTube account on Monday morning. In it she says:

"I might have said some things that maybe offended some people and also my houseguests. I want to say I'm sorry. As they say, no one's perfect, and I made some mistakes." - GinaMarie apologizes for her distasteful comments while in the Big Brother 15 house.

She continues:

"The only thing that I can say is I learn from my mistakes and become a better person ... out of this whole thing ... and I'm so sorry. Love you guys, love my houseguests so much. I love my friends and family back at home and you know, besides all that, if I made you guys laugh and smile through the season (raises two thumbs), that's great, you know. I'm me, and there I go being nervous and mumbling again ... but I really am sorry and you guys, all my fans, it's so cool. You guys are awesome."

Watch GinaMarie's apology video on YouTube after the cut:

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