Big Brother 15: Final Three Houseguests For 2013

Big Brother 15 Final 3 Three Houseguests
BB15 Fans, here's our final 3.
We already know who is going to win the title of Big Brother 15's 'America's Favorite,' but who will be crowned as this year's winner?

Big Brother Live Feed Spoiler: It looks like it's going to be McCrae who will be voted out tonight. Andy is HOH and he's nominated McCrae and Spencer, with McCrae being the target. Andy also won POV, so expect nominations to stay the same.

Our final three Big Brother 15 houseguests will be GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy.

Yes, it's a pretty sad Final Three and I have no choice but to endorse GinaMarie. Sure, she's said some stupid things this season, and she really pissed me off while attacking Candice, but of the final three left, I think she played the best game.

Big Brother 15 Final Three:
Big Brother 15 Final Three
GinaMarie, Big Brother 15 Final 3
GinaMarie - The only female to make it to the end of the game. An uneducated, foul-mouthed, acrylic-haired pageant girl who talks like a trucker and walks like an old man with a stick up his ass. That being said, she was funny, generally upbeat and positive, straightforward and loyal.

Social Game ★★★★
Competitions ★★★
Strategy ★★★

Big Brother 15 Final Three 3
Andy, Big Brother 15 Final 3
Andy - Possibly the best floater in Big Brother history. People call him a 'rat' because his loyalties lie with whomever has momentum. He's sneaky and untrustworthy, and he's not taken his life vest off the entire game.

Social Game ★★★★

Big Brother 15 Final Three 2013
Spencer, Big Brother 15 Final 3
Spencer - Perverted, yes, but he was still quite funny at times. He always remained calm, even while on the block, and he was on the block a LOT!

Social Game 

My prediction? GinaMarie is our Big Brother 15 winner for 2013. 

GinaMarie will win Final HOH, and will take Andy to final I crazy for thinking this? Yes it would be wise of her to take Spencer, but it's GM we're talking about here, and I really think she will take Andy.

Here's how I think the BB15 jury will vote:

  • McCrae will vote GinaMarie (he will vote however Amanda wants him to vote)
  • Judd will vote GinaMarie
  • Elissa will vote GinaMarie
  • Amanda will vote GinaMarie (she is pissed at Andy, and she holds grudges)
  • Aaryn will vote GinaMarie
  • Jessie will vote Andy
  • Helen will vote GinaMarie
  • Candice will vote Andy
  • Spencer will vote Andy

I honestly think that McCranda will be the deciding factor of who wins Big Brother 15. If Amanda decides to hold a grudge against Andy for voting her out, she'll vote for GinaMarie. However, if she simmers down a bit and decides that Andy outplayed her, she'll vote for Andy to win. But I'm going with GM.

Who Do You Want To Win Big Brother 15?

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