Big Brother 15 The Saga: Episode 11 'Fairy Tales'

Big Brother 15 The Saga Fairy Tales

Big Brother 14's Wil Heuser just keeps topping himself. This week on Wil's Big Brother 15: The Saga, Wil recreates BB15 as a Fairy Tale.

Julie Chen is the Fairy Godmother, "She was magic."

Elissa is a princess,"I'm going to the DR to get another Xanax."

Amanda is a witch. A witch with ginormous boobs who put a spell on pizza boy McCrae.

Andy is the Rat Queen, and GinaMarie is the troll.

The best part is McCrae winning HOH ("what a waste") and the folk singer who sings the song:

McCrae, McCrae, McCrae
He's finally playing the game
But he waited too late
What a mistake
A price he's going to pay!

What do you think of Wil's Big Brother Fairy Tales? I LOVE it!

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