Big Brother 15: Crying in the Diary Room [VIDEO]

Big Brother 15 Crying Houseguests 2013
Big Brother 15 Crying Video Montage
On Sunday's episode of Big Brother 15, there was a crying segment that showed all the breakdowns in the BB15 Diary Room.

GinaMarie, Andy, Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie, Kaitlin, Elissa, Candice and Helen all cry while in the diary room, and Big Brother 15 put together a video montage of the crying. (Credit to IAmTeamVegas on YouTube)

GinaMarie cries about Nick, "My heart is in pieces right now."

Jessie hates everyone, "I hate all of these people! All of them lie to my face!"

Elissa says she wants to know if there is a process to go home. Later she says, "My sister did not tell me this!"

Candice simply sobs. (The day of the Aaryn fight?)

Jessie takes the cake for the best Big Brother 15 crying, it had such a dramatic flair.


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