Big Brother 15 Backyard Interview With GinaMarie Zimmerman (Video)

Big Brother 15 Backyard Interview GinaMarie Zimmerman
Big Brother 15 backyard interview, GinaMarie and Jeff
Jeff Schroeder interviewed GinaMarie Zimmerman during the Big Brother 15 backyard interviews and of course, she talked about Nick right off the bat.

Jeff tells GinaMarie that she smells like a million bucks, he then asks, "Id there one guy in particular who might like that cologne more than other guys out there?"

"One guy that might like it might be Nick."

"Jeeze, GinaMarie, what was going on there?" probes Jeff.

"I had such a connection with Nick and when he left I was devastated. So to give me kind of energy, and know that he's still supporting me, I kept his blue hat. Every competition I did I took it with me for some moral support, I guess you could say."

GinaMarie also talks about her biggest move (getting out Amanda) and her injuries sustained during comps (stitches, broken toe).

Watch the entire Big Brother 15 backyard interview with GinaMarie Zimmerman after the cut!

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