Big Brother 15 Backyard Interview With Andy Herren

Big Brother 15 Backyard Interview with Andy Herren
Big Brother 15 winner Andy during the backyard interviews
Jeff Schroeder's Big Brother 15 backyard interviews ended with winner Andy Herren, and I think Jeff was a little frazzled by the end of the night.

He mistakenly said GinaMarie won $500,000 and he calls Andy "Spencer."

During his backyard interview Andy talks about his his game, and how solid it was.

"If you're looking at me, sure I'm not the strongest physical competitor, but I honestly feel I was one of the strongest mental competitors in the house. I think the fact that I was able to play almost every side of the house and never go detected, it's a big testament to what a strong game that I played."

Jeff asks Andy why he didn't take Spencer to the Final Two. Andy responds:

"I didn't take Spencer because I thought that the jury was going to see me as disloyal, because I backstabbed nearly every single one of them. So GinaMarie and I on like, night one, just looked at each other and said.... 'yo, if you're good, I'm good,' you know. I was so true to that the entire game. I thought that if I brought her along with me I could say, 'this is one woman that I was true to, and loyal to, throughout the entire game. That was the last card I needed to play."

Watch the entire Big Brother 15 backyard interview with winner Andy Herren after the cut!

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