Big Brother 15 Backyard Interview with Aaryn Gries (Video)

Big Brother 15 Backyard Interview Aaryn Gries
Jeff's Big Brother 15  backyard interview with Aaryn 
Jeff Schroeder interviews Big Brother 15's Aaryn Gries during the backyard interviews and Aaryn tells him that her first night outside of the Big Brother house was "shocking."

"How did you feel when Julie interviewed you outside of the house?" asks Jeff.

"Shocked. Caught off guard."

On the live audience booing her she says, "It was pretty surreal. I don't honestly remember a lot of the situation because I was so shocked by it and I don't even remember the things that I said. I was super overwhelmed, and I totally regret the Texas comment. I never should have said that. Has nothing to do with my problems. So, I'm sorry Texas!"

Watch the entire Big Brother 15 backyard interview with Aaryn Gries after the cut!

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